The Nation anthem of Afghanistan.

Hello friends.

The flag of Afghanistan is has three colors. Black, red and Green.

This is the English translation of the Afghanistan anthem .

The This land is Afghanistan!
It is the pride of every Afghan.
The land of peace, the land of the sword.
Its sons are all brave.[2]

This is the country of every tribe,
The land of Baloch and Uzbeks,
Pashtuns and Hazaras,
Turkmen and Tajiks.[2]

With them, Arabs and Gujjars,
Pamiris, Nuristanis,
Brahuis and Qizilbash,
Also Aimaqs and Pashayis.[2]

This Land will shine for ever,
Like the sun in the blue sky.
In the chest of Asia,

We will follow the one God;
We all say, Allah is great!
We all say, Allah is great![2]
It will remain like the heart forever.




Afghanistan proverbs

Afghan Proverbs:

A tree doesn’t move unless there is wind.
Meaning: Where there is smoke there is fire, or every effect has a cause.

Don’t stop a donkey that isn’t yours.
Meaning: Mind your own business.

There are twenty-five uncaught sparrows for a penny.
Meaning: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, or wishes are a dime a dozen.

A porcupine speaking to its baby says, ” O my child of velvet.”
Meaning: One’s own child is especially dear for him/her.

A wolf’s pup will grow into a wolf even though it be raised among men.
Meaning: Training can not change herdity: or, you can not change a leopard’s spots: or, what is bred in the bone will come out in the flesh.

Flourish like a flower, but may your life be longer.
Meaning: When one is offered some flowers.

A real friend is one who takes the hand of his friend in times of distress and helplessness.
Meaning: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

There is a way from heart to heart.
Meaning: Love finds a way to another’s heart.

The first day you meet, you are friends. The next day you meet, you are brothers.
Meaning: Friendship grows into brotherhood.

A river is not cntaminated by having a dog drink from it. Meaning: One of good character is pure despite criticism.

A tilted load won’t reach its destination.
Meaning: Honesty is the best policy.


Kids in Afghanistan.


Beautiful kids with Afghanistan flag scarf.
This shows how much people here loves their country and they want peace in all over the country.

100% Fun

McGuire Domestic Enterprises

Let’s just talk about fun stuff this cloudy cool Friday.

1. How about frugal travel to California.

2. Speaking of California, my song of the week, Goodnight, California, by Kathleen Edwards.

3. I thought today was Frappe Friday at McDonald’s ($1 frappes), so I allowed myself to go get one this morning, but alas, that promotion must be over.

4. A novelist I love whose two newer books I need to find. I may need to join the county library system; my town library never seems to have specific books I want. Rita Ciresi, and the books are Remind Me Again Why I Married You and Sometimes I Dream in Italian.

5. Laundry success: I got the formula stains out of the baptism outfit! Many thanks to this website. Highly recommend Biz and blue Dawn for this stain.

6. My latest real estate crush:



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Little Luxuries – 5 I can’t leave without…

Coven XIII

We all enjoy our little luxuries and some times you just can’t live without treating yourself to some of them. For this post, I have narrowed my long list down to 5 little luxuries that no matter how tight my budget is on pay day, I can’t go without… After all, who needs food anyway? 

1. Nails!

I get my nails done at least every few weeks with Susan at Elegant Nails in Dublin 1. I’ve been getting acrylics there for over a year and can testify that her attention to detail and skill is second to none! I usually stick to simple french nails or one solid colour but I have had nail art done with Susan too and she’s great! I’m always recommending her… Totally addicted!

nails 2nails luxury

2. Magazines & Books

Chapters in Dublin 1 is heaven if, like me, you love to get lost in book shops. The store is split over two floors catering…

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